July 26, 2007

Why Harry Potter

What Rowling doesn't have going for her:
  • >> Solid grasp of punctuation (grrrrrr)
  • >> Strong pacing
  • >> Economy
  • >> Any idea that names precede character development
  • >> Great originality
What she does:
  • >> Poster child for "show, don't tell," sometimes ad nauseum
  • >> Fundamental conflicts, both good v. evil and child v. adult
  • >> Characters who are recognizable "types" but still all individuals with their own goals, preferences, habits and failings
  • >> Deep understanding of the myriad ways in which people are cruel to each other
  • >> Humor
  • >> Eye and ear for mannerisms
  • >> Main character who is the reader's stand-in for the introduction to all that is weird, wonderful and scary

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