December 01, 2008


When I was looking at old Animaniacs videos, I noticed that there seems to be a drive to bring them back (although there don't seem to be any results). As much as I loved Animaniacs, if I were going to bring back one cartoon from the nineties, it would be Freakazoid! It just doesn't get any more surreal than this.

The Wrong Crowd

Getting Out of the Superhero Business

(I'd completely forgotten his girlfriend was named Steff.)

The World's Most, Uh, Thorough Spit-Take

Conversational Norwegian

Oh, Freakazoid, please come back.


JLK said...

Is Johnny Bravo still on? I no longer have a TV or cable, so I have no idea. But I loved Johnny Bravo.

That's my 1am contribution.

Stephanie Zvan said...

I've been told I have to see Johnny Bravo, but I haven't yet. Same with Venture Brothers.