February 05, 2009


Oh, my poor, wee bloggie. For some reason, I decided that the busy season at work was the perfect time to launch a new project. Double crunch. Whee!

Still, news tomorrow. Until then, here's a little retro silliness for you, kilts included. Apparently, our local hodgepodge radio station played this today and cause a local stir on Facebook. What, don't you people have this on your iPods?



Anonymous said...

You know, this is the perfect time for a song like this; especially with mysterious happenings afoot.

I'll have to find a like song to put up at tuibguy.com.

Schadwen said...

Of course I've got the song on my iPod. I've got the whole "Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply" album on my iPod.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Mike, are you telling me you're finding meaning in that song?!?

Schadwen, thank you. I was starting to feel like the only one.