March 05, 2009

The Short Form

This week has been hella busy, which starts to make micro-blogging look appealing. So I thought I'd spend just over a day tracking what kind of stuff I'd produce (admittedly noninteractively) if I were on Twitter.


  • I <3 Kai Ryssdal: "Bernanke gave us another whopper today." *That's* financial reporting.
  • 1st MN female wrestler at state: "Makes me sad that some of the boys don't want to wrestle me cause they don't want a girl to beat them."
  • A day without an iPod. How do I do that again?
  • Want me to be productive? Give me a computer that boots in less than 10 minutes and bandwidth to access all this data I have to deal with.
  • Spam titled "Greedings." How appropriate.
  • Apparently, hitting play on my iPod is how I signal getting back to work. I'm completely nonproductive without it. [twitch]
  • Mike, love you dearly, but please stop saying my name when I can't hear the rest of what you're talking about.
  • The Dawkins crowd makes me feel distinctly middle aged. Students, gray hair, very few people in between. And I think I know them all.
  • They got a kick-ass ASL interpreter for this. She's really into it and not more than a couple seconds behind.
  • How sad to be denied poetic language because someone has a vested interest in misunderstanding you.
  • First half of Dawkins' lecture was obviously a work in progress. Second half's much better. Might just be that he's talking subversion.
  • Click, click. Click, click, click go the connections in the brain. Not the ones Dawkins is aiming for, but oh, well.
  • Q: If we're this adaptable, can we adapt to seeing IR? A: The brain is the flexible part, silly. (Dawkins much more patient than I.)
  • Oh, these are baaad questions, mixed in with fanboy ramblings. Someone help us!
  • Heh. Questioner says, "You got science in my politics!" *Not* the same as politics in science, dude. Greg leans over. "Concern troll."
  • Yay! Finally met Amused Muse.
  • Ooh, and a 10-minute reboot this morning because an application closed and can't be reopened. May I please have a real computer?

Hmm. Yeah, the super short form might not be my long suit.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was talking to Mary Myers about the great job you are doing as the radio host.

All brag, no diss at a long table.

Stephanie Zvan said...

No worries, Mike. It's just that every time you said my name, you turned toward me a little bit to indicate who you were talking about, so it seemed as though you were trying to get my attention. It worked. I could hear just that one word before you turned back to Mary. Then I was curious what you were talking about. :)

Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbor went to the Dawkins lecture and also remarked about the questions. He used the word "oy". I would have loved to have gone but didn't know it existed until it was too late.

DuWayne Brayton said...

Well, at least we got somewhat better questions.... By the sounds of it you might have gotten a better lecture.

I find the shorts at the same time oddly compelling, yet somehow repulsive. A little more flow maybe....

Anonymous said...

Mike was talking about me, as well, but he was being pretty nasty. :) Sooo kidding.

It's always fun to get together with everyone. The questions at the end of lectures are always bad. The only one I saw that was okay was the Nobel conference, but they have the time to write down questions, someone goes through them, and then they are presented... :)

Stephanie Zvan said...

Laurie, I'll have to make sure you know about Cafe Scientifique events and the like, then.

DuWayne, I think the problem is that I don't really think in the short form, except for quips. And quips are often kinda...mean.

Crystal, I was sorry not to say hi, but getting from where I was to where you were, well, Northrop is made for seating lots of people, not for letting them get around.