December 07, 2009

Still Not Dead

To start: I'm fine, or I will be. (Better, Jason?)

To continue: If you ever have to go to the emergency room, don't forget to bring a book. It will distract you from Larry King in the waiting room and all the people he has on to yell at each other about Sarah Palin. It will give you something to do besides worry as you wait in the examination room and feel the blood flow out of you. It will keep you company as you stay awake all through the night waiting for someone who can fix you.

Make it a long book.

Find out why at Quiche Moraine.


Dr. A said...

Oh dear... I fear you are having an episode similar to mine. I hope not, but do keep us posted.

a2z said...

I also recommend a funny book. Stupid funny to make you giggle out loud.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Dr. A, I was starting to wonder a bit about that. From what I've pieced together, you've had a hell of a time of it. Let me know if you ever feel the need to vent more specifically than you already have.