January 16, 2011

Among Thieves Author Interview

There's something rather odd about seeing one of your friends referred to as "one of the most anticipated debut authors of 2011," even when you think he deserves it. There's definitely something funny about seeing his name in quotes as though it were a pen name.

No, Douglas Hulick is his real name, and his very, very gray fantasy Among Thieves is coming out at the beginning of April in both the U.S. and the UK. I've read it. It's good. Not just be-nice-to-your-friend good, but twisty and turny and political and human and...yeah, good.

You can't read it yet (time to break out the #totallyrubbingitin hashtag again), but you can read what promises to be just the first of his interviews and see what more unbiased folks are saying about it to make it so anticipated. Check it out here.

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