May 27, 2011

If You Don't Stand Up for Us Today

"At the government teat." Not only do anti-government legislators consider compassion to be a despicable virtue and caretaking a despicable act, but in the fight over health care in Texas, someone has produced flyers depicting them as that particularly female despicable act of breastfeeding. Rep. Senfronia Thompson, fed up with all the attacks on women in this session, isn't going to take it quietly.

Why are people electing the douchebags who pass anti-woman legislation instead of more representatives like this?


Anonymous said...

I applaud Sen. Thompson for bringing the issue of respect for women - and the fliers in particular - up in a public manner. But dang, was that a long-winded, repetitive lecture! I felt like she was lecturing a classroom of pre-schoolers until she finally rolled in to a point around 4:30 mins in.

I wanted to reach through the screen and smack the guy in the background upside the forehead - could he have been paying any less attention to Sen Thompson while she was talking about respecting women?

Shari said...

I kind of got the feeling that she was trying very hard to keep her words under control - when I get really, angry - as she clearly was - I have to take repeated pauses to think about what I want to say. Not easy when I am seeing red.

And considering the material she was addressing, I think it Only fitting that the effect was a bunch of pre-schoolers getting lectured. Clearly, mature legislators were not complicit in the distribution of the flyers ;-)