June 19, 2008

Okay, Now It's Summer

There are farmers at the Farmers Market.

Well, there have been farmers there for the last month, alongside the bakers and tamale makers and stands selling bananas (ahem): beekeepers and people selling potted plants raised in greenhouses. But for me, the market doesn't really start until the fresh produce shows up, specifically the new potatoes. There are radishes, young lettuce and onions too, but I picked up potatoes and dill.

Tonight, on the way home, I'll buy some sour cream. I have everything else I need--a little mustard and a teeny bit of sweet onion--to make my favorite potato salad. The potatoes are mostly bite-sized, so I'll barely have to do more than scrub them and drop them in a pot to boil. The hardest part will be waiting for them to cool before I put the salad together. Even in cold water, it can't happen quickly enough.

But when it does, oh, then it will be summer.


Christopher said...

Please don't tease us...provide the full recipe!

Stephanie Zvan said...

Recipe? I don't do a lot of those.

Basically, make the best dill dip you've had in your life. Use simple, fresh ingredients, like dill with the roots still on and sour cream with one ingredient (Daisy). Leave out the mayo unless you're addicted to the stuff. Having grown up without it, I still don't think it's food. Mustard should be just enough for tang, not so much you taste mustard. Don't make it too oniony, or it will overwhelm the other flavors. Salt to taste if you must.

When you're done and you've let it sit for about an hour for the flavors to mingle, mix it with boiled, cooled, first-of-the season potatoes. You can make the salad at other times of year with regular russets, but young potatoes have better flavor and texture. Realize as soon as you taste it that you didn't make enough.

That's about it, really.