June 19, 2009

In the Trees

For someone with acrophobia, I spent an awful lot of time as a child a story or more off the ground in trees. We had a treehouse for a few years that was worth the climb up the rope ladder. I spent uncounted hours reading in weeping willows, having juggled a book and usually an apple in my climb. I'd ignore the discomforts of my irregular perch for the privilege of reading uninterrupted, just me and the tree. No one ever looked up.

I have another post up at Quiche Moraine today, back to my usual Friday schedule. This one ended in a place I didn't expect when I started it. I really should have. I know me better than that. It just never occurred to me. Anyway, you can read it for yourself.

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DuWayne Brayton said...

Never had acrophobic issues, but I too spent a significant portion of my childhood in trees with books. Of that which was left over, the majority of it was spent sleeping and reading. "Forts" constructed somewhere in the woods, whether by my hand or naturally were my favorite places to read, next to being up in a tree.

I also had a nightlight until I was nearly eleven - because I could read by it. I only gave it up then because I got a book light.