June 23, 2009

Today's Reading

Via Bora, comes today's must-read, a combination of horrific science reporting and blaming rape victims. Here's the actual science:

In the study, psychologists at Leicester Uni asked men to consider themselves in various scenarios with a female acquaintance and find out if or when they were more likely to coerce a woman into sex. The scenarios differed with the acquaintance wearing different clothes, drinking alcohol, being aware of her previous sexual partners or her being assertive.

The main finding was that men who considered themselves sexually experienced were more likely to coerce women into sex. These men found resistance from a woman sexually arousing. Interestingly, alcohol had the opposite effect than expected with men more like to coerce sober women rather than those that were drunk.

Go read Vagina Dentata to find out how that study got misreported. Then pick your jaw up off the floor.

Also, via the author's Twitter feed, I'd managed to miss the fact that Halliburton has managed to force their employees to not report crimes.

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