August 04, 2009

I Love Eddie Izzard

And not just for his great taste in eyeliner. Or for this:

More for this:

I had always wanted to do a big physical running challenge, and this seemed a great way to do it and also raise money to help Africa and the poorest countries in the world as well as projects that Sport Relief fund in the UK I was also going to be advised by Olympic experts who have worked with Sport Relief before. They would help me keep running in the right direction.

So I told them I wanted to try to run around the whole of the UK. London to Cardiff to Belfast to Edinburgh and back to London, running through as many parts of the UK that lie in between our 4 capitals.

Long, amusing story short, he's running about 1,100 (or 1.100) miles in six or seven weeks. That's more than a marathon a day, with the occasional day off.

So far, he's made it to Cardiff. If you want to support him in this Herculean effort, donate here.


Jason Thibeault said...

I hadn't heard of him before watching Across the Universe, where he did "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" as a manic ringmaster. He's brilliant. I ought to throw him some change.

Anonymous said...

As if there weren't already reasons enough to love the man... Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great program, but I'm having trouble actually donating to it. I got to the last page and there was a vague "error in processing" message. This might be because I'm in the US; it seems to be a very European-oriented form.