August 08, 2009

Votes Needed

I love it when the talented people I know get together and make something cool happen. In this case, my husband, Ben, and our friend Analiese set up a vintage-look photo shoot at a St. Paul landmark. In Ben's case, it was an opportunity to get a beautiful shot he's been wanting to do for a while. For Ana, it was an entry in a contest for a walk-on part on Mad Men, and for that, the shot couldn't be more perfect.

However, taking time to get that perfect shot means that there's very little time for Ana to accumulate votes in the contest. So, please, now and for the next four days, click over to Ana's contest page and vote her up. Five stars, once a day per unique IP. Ben and Ana would appreciate your votes, and I would too.

Let's not see such a beautiful collaboration go to waste.

1 comment:

Lou FCD said...

Happy to help.

Ben really has been on a terrifying streak of Teh Awesome lately.