September 19, 2009

Community Index

This is a list of links to some of the more accessible writing here, at Greg Laden's Blog and at Quiche Moraine on topics generally related to the creation and maintenance of community, mostly online community. Topics include language, identity, civility and rules, particularly as they relate to inclusion and exclusion.

Many of these come out of ongoing, not entirely friendly discussions. There's a fair amount of insight in some of the comment threads, but there is also a certain amount of emotional violence in some. These discussions were not moderated.

Some of my best friends are pseudonymous bloggers (GLB)
Pseudonymity, social cues and argument from authority.

The Nature of Offense (AD)
Taking offense as an assertion of power and why it may not work.

Not of the Tribe (AD)
A look at the costs and benefits of in-group and out-group status, much of it in the comments.

Are Words Trivial? (AD)
Language as a gatekeeper.

Whither Allies (AD)
More on how close one needs to keep one's friends.

Nanny Goat Gruff and the Internet Trolls (QM)
An index to my posts on trolling behavior in story form. Includes a link to How to Hijack a Thread, the most popular of these posts.

Unsolicited Advice for Maintaining the Appearance of Ethics Online & The Ironies (AD)
Making some rules so they can be taken apart and examined.

Negotiables (QM)
What do we do when hard and fast rules don't suit everyone?

From Anonymity to Subjectivity in the Blogosphere: Post Game Analysis by BZ (GLB)
Follow-up discussion of academic work on online identity management, with links to the original.

On Rules, Part the 47th (AD)
In general, and a small amount about blogs specifically, with some discussion of the consequences of being labeled an outlaw.

My reaction to Zvan on PhysioProf at Isis (GLB)
Follow-up on rules with thoughts on outreach and education.

Diversity and Conflict (QM)
We need practice at this stuff.

The Hurricane Lantern Effect (QM)
An observation on unsolicited advice.

Foul, Vile and Expressly Stupid (AD)
Just because everyone in the blogosphere should hear, "I Hate Your Blog."

Anonymous blogger's ID will be revealed under court order (GLB)
Discussion in comments of whether the internet is inherently a different place than meatspace with respect to accusations.

When to Speak (AD)
The rustiness of minority voices and the fear of being "shrill."

Joe Wilson's outburst is not about civility. It's about racism. (GLB)
When breaking the rules is the point.

Commenter Behavior and Misbehavior (AD)
For the discussion of bullying in the comments.

Kanye West: Uncivil Rebel or Obnoxious Lover of Goats? (GLB)
When the ends don't justify the means, you may hurt your ability to reach any more ends.

Purity and Outreach (QM)
The choices we make in defining our groups.


John A Arkansawyer said...

The "Commenter Behavior and Misbehavior" link doesn't work.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Thank you, John. Fixed.

Greg Laden said...

Wow, that's a lot! Skip all the GLB's and go right to the AD's to save time.

BlogSpotThinker said...

Greetings, Ms. Zvan:

I encountered your blog as a "community" keyworded Google search result. I hope to contact community-focused bloggers and invite dialog via my new "Building Stronger Communities" blog site (

I contacted you because your blog's focus seems categorizable as community dynamics and because "Building Stronger Communities" focuses on the philosophies undergirding community dynamics. Perhaps you, as well, might be interested in such philosophical analysis.

A rationale for "Building Stronger Communities" is based on my experience that philosophies review seems to reveal overlooked conflicts between and other aspects of what we want in our communities and what we do in them. Hopefully, better understanding of philosophies will enhance community goal and strategy effectiveness and community well-being.

I thank you for your time and hope you'll stop by "Building Stronger Communities" to post a comment. I look forward to hearing, or reading, from you and wish you the best.