September 15, 2009

Dear Democrats

You want my money, I know. I gave you a bunch in the last election, and you'd really like me to give more. However, before you send that e-mail and interrupt what I'm doing, here's what you should know about what I want.

I don't want a bunch of money spent on safe elections. As much as I love Rep. Ellison, and I do, I didn't donate to his campaign last year. He didn't need it, and our district didn't need to increase our collective carbon footprint with a bunch of mailings that would have made no difference. Democratic incumbents in Minneapolis, this means you're generally out of luck unless something gets very interesting. Then we'll talk--maybe--after I've done some research. In other words, I'll call you.

I don't want a bunch of money spent on infighting. If you want to be governor, take your pledge to abide by the nomination of the party. Spend your money inspiring your supporters to show up at the caucuses on your behalf, not tearing down your opponents. Remember that it's about the state, not about you.

I don't particularly care about meeting you. I'm not awed by celebrity, speeches are slow, and access shouldn't be something I'm paying for or you're selling. If you want to set up a fundraiser for you, make it a joint fundraiser that also benefits people who are screwed under the current system. Highlight the problems you want to be hired to solve by helping to solve them.

And finally, about health care reform: I'm not donating any money to Democrats in general until they get their act together. Period.

There are damned few of you who have provided leadership on this issue. Ellison has. Franken has. A few others around the country have, mostly in the House. They have my support. MoveOn has my support. A few other groups that are advertising have my support. That's it.

Until the party itself steps up to advocate for affordable care with a robust public option, nothing. Until the DCCC starts extorting cooperation from House members, nothing. Until the White House stops trying to compromise itself into line with the status quo, nothing. It's that important an issue, and it's that simple.

Thank you for your time and all that lovely attention paid to my wallet.


Greg Laden said...

I was very disappointed with the DNCCC last year, and actually campaigned against them. It does not take that much work to figure out which candidates out there could use special support. (Special support = outside your own district)

Stephanie Zvan said...

Yeah. The fact that they decided Bachmann was safe until it was too late was galling. At best.

I find I'm liking this internet thing for helping me provide direct support where it can do some good. Almost makes a person think they don't need a party, you know?

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Dear Stephanie -

Thank you for all of your past support. We know that as a concerned progressive you will actually change your mind and start shoveling cash our way. Because, did you catch it, Joe Wilson called Obama a liar in Congress. If you don't dig deep, deep, deep then Wilson automatically wins. If you don't put all of your charity budget in our basket, the country will fall to the right wing.

Yes, we could probably be more progressive and represent your values, but you see we take you for granted, We need to stay in power to help prevent the Republicans from taking over and eating your children, so we will campaign as hard as possible in swing districts. Yes, we know the people your money will be supporting are likely to be conservatives who get money from insurance companies. But at least they'll be Democrats and will vote with President Obama 25% of the time.

We would like to support your notion of single-payer coverage, but in today's deficit climate it is not the time. We would also like to support a watered down public option, but then the Republicans would say nasty things about us, and we wouldn't want that. No, better our way. Half a loaf is better than none, and then we promise we will get back to doing in right in about 20 years or so.

We knew we could count on you!


The DCCC, the DSCC and the DLC>

Kelly McCullough said...

Damn straight!