March 25, 2011

Reason 41,000,006 We Need Higher Taxes

On the rich at least. Why? Because they don't have any idea how to put that money to use productively. Despite the rhetoric, the vast majority of them don't actually know how to create jobs or even create businesses.

What they do know how to do is put that money "to work." Well, they know they need to in order to make it grow. They don't know how. That's why we got the last tech bubble. That's why we got the housing bubble. And, hey, look, here we go again.

The hallmarks of a bubble in tech are many, but in general, it is agreed upon that:

  • high valuations without corresponding track records,
  • an increase in the number of deals,
  • lots of hype, media frenzy,
  • turnover and profits no longer matter,
  • the prices of 'subject' domains going through the roof,
  • everybody trying to get in on the action,
are all good indicators of a bubble in progress.

Right now, I think it is safe to conclude we're in a bubble, even if some experts are pretty outspoken in stating the opposite.

Ready for your retirement savings to take another rollercoaster ride?

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G.J. Ash said...

I've been doing a lot of financial writing lately, and it's only serving to confirm what I observed in my years in wealth management. People have no idea what to do with their money (rich & poor alike). Those who have money to ... invest ... rarely know how to go about it & either trust someone who might prey on them or insist on investing in a way that makes no sense. No matter how many bubbles appear, everyone thinks they're getting in on the next big thing, and no one knows when to say "enough" or even "not at all."

There is a saying: "Never invest in anything you can't illustrate simply on a napkin." We should be as skeptical of most financial analysis as we are of reports in the National Enquirer.