March 10, 2011

That Ain't Right

By now you probably know that the Republican Wisconsin senators decided that union busting wasn't a budget issue after all, split their bill in a closed session (in a state with open meeting laws), and passed it with only Sen. Schultz voting against it. The Republicans in the Assembly have already passed the provisions once, so the split bill isn't expected to meet opposition there.

This is likely to get...interesting. These provisions don't have popular support, and recall effort organization for several senators was already well underway before the illegal move. The Assembly and governor's office are about the only places this bill doesn't face stiff opposition.

Protesters are occupying the capitol again. City police and county sheriffs have declined to move them. They've already shown organization and dedication not seen since Vietnam. The protest folk music has already begun.

What comes next?

If you want to watch in real time, The UpTake is streaming video from Madison.

1 comment:

D. C. said...

1) I never would have expected this
2) Warms my heart more than I can say.