September 16, 2010

Back on the Radio

Life is keeping me a wee bit busy these days. In the course of a week, I did a guest lecture on religious skepticism and made my return to Atheists Talk radio. Mike Haubrich is doing hostly duties these days, so I get the leisure of interviewing fun people from time to time while mostly sleeping in on Sundays.

This past Sunday, Jason and I got up early to talk about arguing over astrology and what does and doesn't constitute scientific evidence.

Who says online arguments are worthless? All right, so it probably depends on what you’re arguing about and who you’re arguing with, but even arguing with a bunch of astrologers over whether there’s any proof for astrology can teach you something. If nothing else, it can teach you how not to construct a valid argument over scientific evidence. Join Jason Thibeault and Stephanie Zvan as they discuss what evidence there is for and against astrology, what evidence would be required to prove astrology, and what might happen if astrology were proven true.

Now, Jason was a little bit (!) nervous about the show, as he hadn't done any public speaking in over a decade. So I didn't post anything ahead of time. However, he did a grand job (just like everyone I agree to have on the show with me) despite some sound issues with the international call, so go check out the podcast. And while you're there, check out what Atheists Talk has been up to since its rebirth.

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