September 15, 2010

Forced Perspective

I'm loving this video. For once, the entire internet understands what heights look like to me. Sooo nice to not be the only one.

Update: Noooo! Not fair. They took it down. Something about giving the industry a bad image or something. Although, how any industry involving heights can have a good image is beyond me to start with.

Ah, well. Try this one instead.


ScientistMother said...

talk about freaky. I felt nauseous watching that..

Stephanie Zvan said...

Er, welcome to my world? ;)

Unknown said...


I would generally not consider myself to be afraid of heights, and I universally enjoy climbing. But I do not think I would enjoy that climb AT ALL. What's the difference between that tower and a rock face?

I think the fact that you can look right through it. Somehow being on a solid object (however high up it may be) mitigates the *gack!* feeling I get from being confronted in all directions by just how high and exposed you would be on that tower.

The bit where they start laddering up the little sticky-outie handles without even a cage around them is particularly bad.

The brain is a very strange organ - so susceptible to the illusion of security. (Or not, maybe, in your case Stephanie.)

Unknown said...

Also, WTF is up with "clipping in" to tiny little open-ended ladder rungs!?!? What possible good could that do you??? A big ol' fuck-off carabiner like that would shimmy right of the end in a fall.

Stephanie Zvan said...

You know, AA, it's quite possible that you couldn't have found anyone who is more the wrong person to ask that question. :)

And no, I'm really not terribly susceptible to the illusion of security.

Unknown said...

I guess I wasn't expecting a real answer to those questions. More expressing my horror at their nonchalance IN THE FACE OF IMMINENT DOOM!!!

And also, you do not strike me as someone who is susceptible to illusions of security in general. :) I don't think I am about most things either, but then, examples herein would suggest otherwise. Brains are weird.

Dan J said...

I actually get vertigo from some of the video games that I play. I can't get too close to the edge of a parking deck if anyone else is nearby. If I'm alone, I can do it (to take photos), but it still gives me the willies.

Oddly enough, I love flying in small aircraft. Skydiving has an appeal for me that I can't explain, either.

Stephanie Zvan said...

I...uh...skydiving. Erm. I've yet to be able to breathe in free fall. I don't think I'll be trying that any time soon.