May 17, 2008

Facebook Is Weird

So there's this guy I know. Sweet guy, fun to chat with, really funny. He does, however, tend to blush whenever we talk. He also has some difficulty maintaining eye contact, talking to my chest often enough that I feel a little embarrassed for him.

Earlier this week, I happen to run across him on Facebook. His profile is wide open--and completely out. Looking for dating; interested in men. Not men and women, just men. Uh, okay, sure. Whatever you say, but would you care to explain the total crush behavior? I'm not the only one who spotted it, and none of my other gay friends act like that (well, not the guys).

Then, while I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that one, Facebook goes and recommends that I send one of my junior high boyfriends a friend request. Um, maybe...later. It's been 25 years since we've spoken. I think I'll give my brain time to settle back down first.

All right, Facebook, what's next?


Anonymous said...

Gay men can still be fascinated by women's breasts. Some gay men like boobs. I remember reading an interview with John Barrowman (also gay) where he talks about how women are so sexy, and how much he likes women's boobs:

"And to see this man who loves women and men -- because even though I am gay, I still love women! I think women are sexy, there's no denying that. As I joke around with my mates and stuff, boobs are great! Boobs are fantastic! In England we say, nothing beats a good titty wank. Come on! Whether you're straight, gay, lesbian or whatever, nothing beats a titty wank! Anyway, you can't print that."



Stephanie Zvan said...

Hmm, I wonder where you got that reference.

And I'm not doubting that he's gay. I'm just having to adjust my thinking, which I thought was based on evidence, not assumptions.