May 28, 2008

WisCon Abuse

While WisCon is generally an accepting place, it always raises some anger. Not surprising. We're talking about contentious issues tied closely to our identities. It's hard to get through a con without realizing that we've taken something for granted that's hurt someone else. We get defensive because we've put a lot of effort into being decent, thoughtful people and we really want to rest on that sometimes.

Then there's Rachel Moss, whose motivations for coming to the con (twice) are, well, opaque despite her explanation. Angry Black Woman has a good summary of the debacle that started when Rachel Moss decided to post pictures of WisCon on Something Awful with something masquerading as commentary. Liz Henry starts an interesting conversation on balancing awareness of our enemies as human beings with holding them 100% responsible for their behavior. Lesley at Fatshionista simply and beautifully tells everyone creeping out of the woodwork to get at it already--do their worst.

After them, and the commenters at their blogs, all I've got to say is that I'm proud WisCon is my con and that these are my people. And no one making nasty comments is having as much fun as my people are in those pictures.


Mike Hunt said...
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Stephanie Zvan said...

This isn't a forum for you to promote your blog. If you have a comment to make, make a comment. If it's interesting, then people might follow you back to your blog.