May 31, 2008

Really, Mr. Davies?

Who in their right minds invites the writer of "Daleks in Manhattan" back to write another two-part episode of Doctor Who? Who films a cliffhanger that involves The Doctor suddenly being too dense to break glass? Who brings back a favorite action heroine character only to have her spend most of two episodes in a coma? And who doesn't recognize when an ending is so constrained by the law of conservation of characters as to be completely predictable?

Just askin'.


Christopher said...

I had such high hopes for the returns of the Sontarans, especially when I heard who would be playing them. Well, playing one of them anyway. And yet I was so terribly disappointed. Honestly, I think dear Robert Holmes must have rolled over in his grave. And while I don't mind Martha's return, I've really liked Donna. Nothing against Martha, but I don't want to see Donna sidelined.

Stephanie Zvan said...

I'll give the writer props for one thing. This was a pretty good episode for Donna. I loved the SuperTemp bit.