August 03, 2008

Americans Abroad

A few years ago, on a trip to Scotland, our group found an unusual way to cut costs and improve our experience at the same time. We were greeted in a very friendly way in a non-customer service culture. A buffet restaurant tripped over itself to make custom celiac-friendly dishes for one of us. We received a substantial discount on a week's stay at one of Edinburgh's loveliest B&Bs.

Why? The kilts didn't hurt, but these all happened while someone was wearing the American Traveler International Apology Shirt, available here from CafePress. Here's the back:

That was all it took to be treated the way...well, the way most Americans expect to be treated abroad. So remember this simple strategy if you're traveling this summer. Of course, if you can't afford to travel, it's not a bad thing to remember in November either.

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