August 14, 2008

Ooh, Ouch

I need sleep more than I need to blog today, so here are a few people doing it for me (sort of):

Betül is covering a study on stereotypes of scientists that should be seen to be believed.

ERV connects PZ Myers and Terry Pratchet in a way that still has me laughing, days later. Seriously, she wins the internet.

Benjamin Collard, one of the young men at the center of the cracker storm, tells us how the whole thing was blown up by a simple political rivalry. And here we thought it was all about religion.

And Lyda discovers that some editors are taking a prurient attitude toward language in romance novels. Yes, romance novels.

Yeesh. On that note, good night.


Anonymous said...

I suspected from the start that the whole "cracker" issue was at heart a bit of political brinksmanship. Sleazy brinksmanship at that.

Stephanie Zvan said...

But Paul, did you look at whose political maneuvering it was? That's the surprising part. This apparently got blown out of the water because of a student government rivalry. Yeesh, again.