August 29, 2008

Now This Is Civilized, Mostly

Here's how to start your morning.

  • Prep for dinner with friends while making breakfast.

  • Leave the robots behind you cleaning the house.

  • Enjoy a nice, cool walk to work.

  • Be greeted by name at the coffee shop.

  • Have your Friday mocha ready by the time you're done ordering.

  • Get to work to find that your research has been featured in the news.

  • Plan for a party.

  • Get back to work.

For the record, I recommend skipping the part where you take a chunk out of your dominant index finger with your thumbnail while tying your shoes. It really doesn't add to the effect.


Samia said...

That sounds NICE. Congrats on making it into the news!

Stephanie Zvan said...

Thanks, Samia. I admit, it's purely corporate business-practice research--nothing like working for the EPA--but it is nice to know it makes a difference to someone.