November 17, 2008

Response the First

A big thanks to Simon Haynes for being the first person to jump up and throw in his opinions on the relationship between science and science fiction. Simon is the author of the Hal Spacejock series, which is currently available only as imports in the U.S. (grrr). However, you can download his first book to get a taste before diving in.

As you can probably guess from the name, Hal Spacejock is a hoot, but how about the science?

Humanoid robots and self-aware computers please!

I'm writing novels based in the far-future, where humans are the same cantakerous self-centered beasts they've always been, but robots and computers are intelligent, wise and caring. I've seen reviews declaring that my human characters are bastards one and all, while my robots represent the ideal I'd like humans to aim for. Not far wrong, that.

Simon's a long-time computer programmer, so he presumably has a better grip on how to manage to integrate self-awareness and selflessness than I do. Read the rest of Simon's answers and find out more about him at Spacejock News.

I'll get more links and highlights up soon, but thanks again, Simon, for being first.