November 05, 2008

The Second Test

We have (oh, finally) elected Obama. We've done a good thing, for ourselves, for our country, and for the world. If you were part of this, pat yourself on the back. Celebrate. Treat yourself to a nap, then to a second evening with champagne, or maybe the other way around. (Dr. A, take two of both, please.)

Then have a seat and look around. As I pointed out in the wee, weary hours of last night, many of us failed the first beyond-Obama test. We hired our guy but sent him into the job without all the tools he could use. In Minnesota, a state that went 54% for our president-elect, only 42% voted for the senator who supports the same changes he does.

It's time for the second test. It's time to get a hold of your freshly elected representative and your senators, if you know who they are yet. Congratulate those who just won a race. Then get down to business.

Tell them that you didn't vote for Obama for his charisma. Tell them you didn't elect him to put the cutest first family ever in the White House. Tell them McCain was wrong about it being because Obama is black.

Tell them you meant it when you voted for change and that one of the first things that is changing is how you and they do business. They sent you email every six hours for the last several weeks. Tell them they should expect to hear from you more often now. They told you when and where action was needed. Tell them you'll be doing the same for them.

Start now by telling them which of Obama's inititiatives you expect them to support and make a priority. Remind them that their jobs depend on it. Remind them that they're not alone in doing this. They still know how to reach you if they need you to rally or write letters or rouse the rabble in some other way.

Tell them you voted for Obama because he inspired you to be a citizen, not just a voter. Then be one.

This is a test. We're all being graded.


Dr. A said...

fabulous post, and very well said!

Peggy K said...

That is well said. I've been ignoring my own Republican Representative, who has been reelected time and again with essentially no opposition despite (because of?) many millions in earmarks and a Federal investigation. Maybe now is the time to send him a note indicating that at least one of his constituents wants change.