April 09, 2009

Are You Reading?

Quiche Moraine, that is.

If you're not, or if you only head that direction when I point you at something I've written, you're missing out. You're missing Ana collecting insights on the economy and things like Pokemon fetish wear. You're missing Mike telling tales on himself and interviewing Minnesota politicians. You're missing Greg telling stories about why he's just not that into music and why a restaurant meal is never just a dinner out.

Then there are our guest writers. They're telling more stories, about losing innocence and friends. Sometimes about Minnesota's historical figures. They're talking about living their art and their ideals. They're asking and answering questions about the whys of the world. They're the reason for Quiche Moraine, and they never disappoint.

We're two months old this week and doing well for a young blog. To celebrate, we're hosting our first roaming carnival today. Go check out the Four Stone Hearth. 4sh is always a cool carnival, and I never fail to learn something reading the entries that I would never have even thought to think of.

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