April 08, 2009

Enough Already

Because it isn't enough that our governor is an airhead with a pleasant face. Because it isn't enough that he took a stupid no-tax pledge years ago. Because it isn't enough that when we had budget surpluses, he sent it all back despite the infrastructure that needed attention (bridges, anyone?). Because it isn't enough that he championed corporate growth at the expense of local tax revenue with tax-free development zones. Because it isn't enough that he tried to declare that Minnesota didn't need any of the stimulus funds.

Because it isn't enough that all that means every state agency is already strapped for funds and doing its best to find new spending to cut out this year too.

Pawlenty now uses his executive authority to spread out the cost of some of his employees. Currently, departments including corrections, agriculture and veterans affairs are helping pay for the head of Pawlenty's faith-based initiative, five policy specialists, a director of legislative and cabinet affairs, two Washington, D.C., employees and a groundskeeper at the governor's residence.

Under spending bills taking shape in the House, roughly $500,000 would reappear as gubernatorial spending.

The House agriculture and veterans finance panel worked Tuesday on a spending bill that would yank back $33,000 of Pawlenty staffing costs from the Veterans Affairs Department and $10,000 from the Agriculture Department. [emphasis mine]

The head of his faith-based initiative? Enough.

Is it 2010 yet?

Thanks to Brent for the link.

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