July 03, 2009

Running Full Out

I'm off to CONvergence for the day and saving my Fourth of July Quiche Moraine post for tomorrow, so I'll leave you with some odds and ends to amuse anyone who isn't off amusing themselves today.

This I had to share only because I'd never seen the very silly video. The song holds up well, though.

Jane's Getting Serious

It's a relationship based entirely on trust.

Elsewhere on the web, Toaster Sunshine is running a painfully funny series on how not to flirt. It's a must read.

Speaking of comics, Matt and Ian at Three Panel Soul have a little message for the residents of Provo, Utah regarding pornography. Tatsuya Ishida of Sinfest shows that even demons are not immune to the irresistible power of geek.


1 comment:

Toaster Sunshine said...

Speaking of comics?

Do tell!

I just got my over-sized HC Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons, and it is sweet indeed!!!

Thanks for the props. I'll get a scanner or bamboo sometime soon so my scribblings will be more legible.