July 07, 2009


Talk about disgracing your profession.

According to the criminal complaint:

The pastor, identified in the complaint only as "M.S.O.," first contacted Byington about three years ago by answering an ad for an exotic dancer. He began seeing her at her home in Fargo for dance shows. Eventually, the pastor started paying Byington for sex.

In March, the pastor said he wanted to stop paying her and hoped they could consider their relationship as an affair.

On May 14, she told the pastor that he had to give her $6,000 to keep her from telling his wife and the bishop about their relationship.

Really, I expect better from exotic dancers.


Jason Thibeault said...

Schadenfreude. There's so much hilarity in this article, it's hard to pick out a favorite part, though sending the bishop a naughty picture of the pastor was a good one. Oh, and her jail photo is so unflattering as to have made me chuckle, I'm sad to have to admit.

Stephanie Zvan said...

My favorite (and by favorite, I mean not) is the bit where he asks, "Can we be in love so I don't have to pay you anymore?" It almost justifies the rest.

Jared said...

"Despite the sex scandal, he said, he hopes to someday again be a faith leader for a church."--best line. ever.

Add one more to this list:

Unknown said...

"Can we be in love so I don't have to pay you anymore?"

That is priceless.

Kind of like an ex who once said to me, "can we be friends, so we can have sex without all this relationship crap?"

Jason Thibeault said...

Gahaha! AA, you didn't specify if he was an ex before or after he made the suggestion, but either way, I've never, ever, heard of someone making a play for Friends-With-Benefits from that side of the friend/relationship divide before. That's just hilarious.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Hilarious in the "must laugh so I don't cry" sense. Yeah.

Sadly, I expect she's going to have a worse time of it because she did take money. Whereas, had he said to a waitress, "Can we be in love so I don't have to pay you to bring me my food?" people would scream.