July 15, 2009

Today's Reading in Science Communication

[E]leven years ago after hearing Kent Hovind on the radio making a complete ass of himself on the radio, and worse hearing a bunch of “Coast to Coast” listeners call in to agree with him, not only confirmed for me that creationism is just another version of UFO’ism supported because it kind of fits with the Bible and they really don’t have to learn much more about it than they can get in church. Salvation granted, Satan thwarted, let’s eat! My problem was that if called on to defend my position I would be the one who was a fool, I really didn’t know all that much about how it all works together.

So, I decided to learn.

Mike is taking his turn at diagnosing the cause of science illiteracy at Tangled Up in Blue Guy. It's well worth a read.


Mike Haubrich said...

Thanks, Stepnanie. I think that Crackergate, while it may seem big, is not a factor in driving people away from science. Actually, I think the vaunted "New Atheism" plays a very minor role.

Mike Haubrich said...

And reading this excerpt point out a glaring error I must fix. "On the radio." @wice in one sentence. See why I need an editor?