November 27, 2008

Lessons With the Warners

Yakko, Wakko and Dot, that is. Someone's been posting Animaniacs videos, and they've put up most of the good patter teaching songs. Now, I wouldn't want to try to pass any tests based on these, but they're still fun, years later.


State Capitols

The Nations of the World

Yakko's Universe Song

"We're just tiny little specks, about the size of Mickey Rooney." [sigh] I miss those guys.


Anonymous said...

I had all of these songs downloaded from Napster back in the day. The kids loved 'em (and so did I.) Then, then I tried a new format called "mp3Pro" which was compatible only with my RCA Lyra Mp3 player (may it rest in peace) and the old Musicmatch Jukebox. After converting most of my mp3's, I discovered that there is now no way to reverse that. So, now I no longer have these songs.


Stephanie Zvan said...

Glad to help, Mike. There's plenty more out there too.