September 20, 2008

Busy Day

We're off to see a friend properly married. (From her description of the shower gifts, her parents took care of the improper bits.) This is the third busy day in a string of busy days, so blogging falls by the wayside today. Instead, go read some of the folks I've been reading lately in my occasional spare moments.

Samia is being insightful about students setting their paths in stone too early.

PhysioProf is venting his spleen about the current financial crisis. It may not be terribly deep, but it's deeply satisfying.

Dr. Isis is laying it down on why and when someone else's behavior is not blog fodder.

Greg is looking into whether McCain not using email means more than just that he's out of touch with technology.

Jessica is exploring a particularly epic fail at the intersection of art and work for hire.

Kelly is counting the ways in which people fail to comprehend that he and his wife don't watch television.



Anonymous said...

I am too deep!!!

Stephanie Zvan said...

I never said you weren't. I said the venting wasn't. And after too many articles carefully laying out what happened on each stage of the road to all of this, it's cathartic to hear somebody say the problem is the people who don't want anything regulated. Period.