September 04, 2008


I was at my mom's this weekend to pick apples and roast brats over a bonfire. A thought occurred to me and I looked over at her.

"So, you've been a small-town council member and mayor."


"Do you think a year and a half as governor would qualify you to lead the nation?"

She shook her head sadly. "No. I don't think so."

"No?" She has more years of city service then Palin had. She served on this committee and that board. She was president of a non-profit. She participated in a sister city program, giving her international experience. Her middle name is even Louise.

"No." She shrugged. "I've never been a beauty queen."


Anonymous said...

I think with this election we have the opportunity to make history . . . or repeat it.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Dead on, Paul.