September 06, 2008

Fact-Checking Palin

CNN reviewed Palin's speechifying on her own record. Not as much truth as one would hope for from a candidate trying to steal the change issue from Obama.

Wasilla resident Anne Kilkenny has a little more nuance on Palin vetoing spending bills as well.

CNN will also be doing a second piece on Palin's remarks about Obama. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I hear she's now being called "Caribou Barbie."

The way I see it, in this election we have a choice between making history, and repeating history.

Stephanie Zvan said...

You won't hear me calling her that. It might be cathartic, but it doesn't say anything.

There's plenty to focus on in how well she demonstrates McCain's willingness to continue down Bush's path. Choosing her as a potential future president is like choosing someone with no military service to head Defense. Choosing her as a potential future president is like choosing someone who's never organized on a large scale to head FEMA.

From McCain, it signals that we can expect four more years of putting partisanship over performance. From Palin, should she become president, it signals the level of competence we can expect.

Your second point is far more apt.

revmatty said...

The more I learn about her the less I like. Two of the biggest:

- She supports teaching Creationism in schools
- She has demonstrated an eagerness to abuse her authority (do we really need more of that in the White House?)

Stephanie Zvan said...

Let's not forget:

- She wraps herself in the words and intentions of the founding fathers without having a clue what they were.
- She's unwilling to be interviewed except by very friendly media and after extensive prep.
- She blows off voters who ask questions at photo ops.
- She's running with McCain, who has his own set of issues.