September 14, 2008

Palin Exposé

Hey, look! There's a new biography of Sarah Palin coming out before the election! This will be the in-depth, thoroughly investigated, hard-hitting detailing of her background that we've all been wai--what?


It's coming out from Zondervan Press, a Christian religious publisher. It wasn't planned before McCain's inexplicable announcement (because no one thought her worth the attention), so it's being written and printed in about six weeks. And the author says:

We live in an age that values relationship over authority and instant information over accuracy, so breadth of knowledge and depth of conviction are the most prized commodities for our leaders. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin brings both of these qualities and more to her new role as John McCain’s running mate and I’m eager for readers to have the opportunity to know her and her brand of leadership more thoroughly.

Instant information over accuracy?!? A biased puff piece that's proud to be a biased puff piece? Blegh. In other words, it'll be just like the last Palin biography, the one with an "Editorial Review" from Fox News.

Okay, bored now. Done with Palin. Nothing there. How about we go back to comparing the candidates' records instead?


Betül said...

If you still have some place left for Palin and if you haven't done so, check this out:

Betül said...

Seriously, soon I will start my own betulogy. I do have some pretty interesting family stories to, as a bonus.

Stephanie Zvan said...

I'm looking forward to betulogy, but I am still waiting for vacation photos first. :)

I doubt that I'm done with Palin, because everything I see tells me she's W in magical, media-sheilding lipstick, but I do want to focus on Obama and McCain for a bit. After all, it isn't merely that I don't want McCain in office. I want someone there who challenges the American public to be what they can be, and promises to help on the way, instead of someone who tells them it's okay to settle for being less.