September 18, 2008

The Secret Liberal Agenda

You've seen it, heard it, read it. You've seen the people who say, "Yeah, what Obama is saying isn't so bad [or even, is great], but if he gets into power he'll XX," where XX is "put everyone on welfare" or "put terrorists in his cabinet" or "really try to teach the Kama Sutra to kindergartners."

Up until yesterday, I thought these were either people whose meds needed tweaking or Republicans cynically trying to obscure Obama's message. After yesterday, I finally get it. The reason that so many conservatives think liberals have a secret agenda is that they can't talk about their own real agenda in public.

You've seen the video by now, the yahoo at the Republican convention talking about bombing Iran. You may have thought he was an outlier, someone put on the web because he's an extremist. Watch it again. Watch how he switches back and forth between being elated that he's somewhere where he can speak his mind and being nervous that maybe he still shouldn't be saying this.

This is a man who knows he's telling secrets. This is a man who is not being who he feels he needs to be when he's at home. He doesn't even look like the same man he is when he's being public.

When the Republicans are hiding so much, is it any wonder they think that Democrats are doing the same thing? Of course, what they don't get is that liberals don't have to hide. That permissive atmosphere that scares conservatives so badly is just freedom to a liberal. Liberals have the freedom to be who they want to be, dress in any ridiculous fashion that appeals to them, and speak their minds about what they want to accomplish. It's just that simple.

It almost makes me feel bad for conservatives. Then I see something like this video and remember that there's a reason they have to hide.


Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of something that happened to me a few years ago. I was down in the deep south with a friend, and went to have dinner at her sister's. That's all I knew, going to have dinner at the sister's place, and I've never met this sister.

So we get there and there is the sister and there are a couple of kids and it is a nice house in the suburbs with a big lawn and I think the car was a caddy.

After we are there for a while this guy comes out. He was hiding. After we had been there for a while he felt comfortable. ... he needed, as it turns out, to be sure that the only people coming over for dinner was the sister and the sister's friends, the two people from way way out of town several states away.

Now, earlier in that day we had been at the sister's OTHER house, the one in the working class part of town. THIS was the sisters OTHER house, in the nice suburb. And the man who came out of hiding, he had an OTHER house too, in a different part of town, where his wife lived.

So this was kind of the bigamy house, the house where the married man and the married woman (but married to someone else) lived part time. Secretly.

Interesting story, huh?

Oh, forgot to mention: The man, he was the head of the Republican Party for the county.

It was an interesting dinner rich in spirited conversation. And I did not approve of the way he treated the children who were at the table.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Very interesting story.

To contrast, in the one polyamorous group I know who produced progeny, the child in question has always seemed supremely happy. She's there because her parents (all of them as far as I know) decided they wanted kids, not because having children is something they were supposed to do. I've never seen her have any trouble getting an adult's attention when she needed it, and I've never heard one of her parents talk about needing some time away from the kid. It's quite refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I will bet anything thta this turd was actually with a hooker, and that his claim that she ripped him off is bogus-- a pre-emptive public strike at her brilliance in spotting a hypocritical sucker.

Now this turd is in the paper saying thta the police inflated the estimate of the jewelry, etc that she got from him.

It seems the first step to becoming a Republican seems to be to do something dirty, and then pre-emptively blame the other party for it.

Reminds me of a time I was jumped downtown outside a strip bar by two crewcut Republican types from the suburbs...they actually pulled my hair 'from behind' and called me a fag--because they were pissd the strippers were buyin ME drinks!
(why do white guys always attack from BEHIND, and in packs of two or more?)

Betül said...

"it seems the first step to becoming a Republican seems to be to do something dirty, and then pre-emptively blame the other party for it"

right on :)

devil's advocate: a talented & unique act!

Stephanie Zvan said...

Sockpuppies, I have been speculating about her profession, but I wasn't going to say anything until and unless she got caught. I've been wondering whether he had a reason to think he was in control of the situation or whether he just lost control at the thought of a hot chick coming after him.

They jump you from behind because they know, somewhere deep down, that in a fight, the powers that be might be on their side afterward, but they still have to get to afterward on their own merits. Consider it an assessment of their own merits.

And of course they were pissed. If the strippers are buying you drinks, that suggests that there's something more important to them than the money, which is the only thing these guys have to offer.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if it was that the girlz were buyin' me drinks, or that they were braiding my hair ( a general no-no in the bar) which was over three feet long at the time;-)

It was really a weird deal-living downtown is a weird deal in and of itself, but those guys were indeed meritless little turds--both of them short, terrier aggressive, and more jealous than girls. Men like these guys-and the turd du jour in your piece--count on superficial status symbols and social capital to get 'what they want' out of women.

And when they bump into a woman who knows that they cry like a girl....ooops, like, whimpering pilow biters who depend on a police state to uphold their contrived class habitus....

betul: yeah, that is the way of it--look at how integrally the Bush clan has been in robbing banks--the S&L scandal of the 80,s; the current so-called bailout of Bear, Lehman, AIG, etc. Textbook white collar cronyism and orchestrated by the Bushies, paid for by you, and blamed on the rest of us for not using borrowing discretion...