October 10, 2008

Happy Things

Before I parse how badly I was lied to about investing and while I figure out how to miss someone I never knew (no, no link), I thought I'd take Mme. Piggy up on her idea for a gloomy day meme. In the interest of lowering my blood pressure, here are a few of the things that make me happy, in no particular order.

Boys in kilts
A particular pair of deep blue eyes
A sleek, loyal little black cat
Talking nonsense
Hashing out a new idea
Treating libertarians like my personal catnip mice
Fireplace weather
People who don't scare easily
Crisp, clean sheets
Lazy days and energetic conversation
Imposing order
Discovering I've written something that isn't crap
Dirt under my fingernails
Pop music with complicated rhythms and clever lyrics
Using personal space to herd pedestrians
The iPod shuffle function
A crispy, gooey, chewy oatmeal raisin cookie
Bare feet
Discovering that there are more of "us" out there
When the music is dancing to me
A big, unwieldy jigsaw puzzle
The bitter with the sweet
Throwing a little swing into the slack rope
Unabashed metaphor
Following along one step ahead
Years-long running jokes
Strong cheese
Finding the flaw in the argument
The silent shared smile
Information on demand
Looking behind the mask
Story, story, story

How about you?


Mme Piggy said...

Excellent list! I haven't had time to add to mine, but at least the gloomy day turned gorgeous outside anyway!

Stephanie Zvan said...

It did indeed. Of course, I'm looking at it out my window at work, but hey.

You picked exactly the right day to post the idea, by the way. None of my things are making me terribly happy just at the moment, but it is awfully nice to know they're there.