October 19, 2008

The Introvert's Bill of Rights

Shrinking Violet Promotions, whose blog is subtitled "Marketing for Introverts," are putting together a little list of awesome. They're calling it The Introvert's Bill of Rights. Some of my favorites:

8. Introverts have the right not to have to explain why they need down time or alone time.

14. Introverts have the right to screen phone calls or cut short exhausting phone conversations as needed.

16. Introverts have the right to listen for long periods of time.

19. Introverts don't have to raise their hand in class.

25. An introvert has the right to create a paradoxical public image, one that claims to reveal as little about themselves as humanly possible while doing the exact opposite.

See? Awesome. And they're still taking suggestions. I've thrown out:

Introverts have the right, when told, "You must meet so-and-so," to say, "No. I don't. But I might do it anyway."

Introverts have the right to be wildly social for a brief period without being congratulated for it and told they're doing "better."

Introverts have the right to smile without it being treated as an invitation.

Surely there are more. Why not add yours?

Thanks to Nathan for the original link.

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the mad LOLscientist said...

ZOMGZ that list is full of WIN! I posted a great gigomongonous list myself. Once I got started, I just couldn't stop! =8-O