October 02, 2008

Palin Didn't Lose, But Biden Won

So Palin didn't embarrass her party tonight as much as she has recently. Sure, she spent precious minutes babbling random catch phrases as she tried to figure out what the answers should be. Sure, she still had the pageant trick of smiling no matter what she was talking about, like dead soldiers and nukular threats. Sure, you could see the angry, vindictive inside crack through the pancake whenever Biden pointed out that she was wrong.

Still, she did manage to string multiple sentences together occasionally, which made me worry. I know talking points are as a window to me (did she really dare talk about the Founding Fathers again?), but I already knew who I was voting for before the debate. What about the all-critical undecideds?

Here's the early answer:

Forty-six percent of the uncommitted voters surveyed say Democrat Joe Biden won the debate, compared to 21 percent for Republican Sarah Palin. Thirty-three percent said it was a tie.

Eighteen percent of previously uncommitted percent say they are now committed to the Obama-Biden ticket. Ten percent say they are now committed to McCain-Palin. Seventy-one percent are still uncommitted.


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