October 01, 2008

What Is the Difference?

Like any good narcissist blogger, I like to see what search terms people are using to find my blog. The most common are "perfect margaritas" and "stereotypes in comedy." I got a new one yesterday, though, a good one.

"What is the difference between Palin and Bachmann?"

What an excellent question. I could talk about the similarities from now until the election (and be warned, I may), but differences? Huh. Well, here goes.

  • Sarah Palin hunts wolves from helicopters. Michele Bachmann hunts queers from the bushes.
  • Palin tries to deny using a teleprompter. Bachmann makes it all too obvious she's just reading something she doesn't understand.
  • Palin's never snogged a leader of the free world, at least not on camera. She may have winked at Putin from her kitchen window, though.
  • Palin's hair and wardrobe only admit to being a few years out of date. Bachmann's are screaming that Reagan is still president, damnit.
Okay, this is harder than it looks. The similarities are so much easier. Want to help in the comments?

Alternately, you could send a few bucks to Bachmann's opponent and make sure Bachmann doesn't go back to Washington where she can do more harm. That would be a similarity worth seeing.

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