October 13, 2008

Replace Michele Bachmann Blog Carnival #3

It's discouraging (yet energizing) to be able to do a weekly blog carnival on the topic of why one U.S. Representative should be voted out of office and still have plenty of material each week. But Michele Bachmann just keeps providing reasons she needs to leave as soon as possible.

I also have a personal reason to want to see Bachmann go. When people ask me where I'm from, I have to tell them that I graduated from Stillwater High School (many, many years ago). The reaction I get may be distrust or it may be pity, but the words are always the same. "Isn't that where Michele Bachmann is from?"

Think I'm exaggerating? Check out this reaction to last week's carnival at Tangled Up in Blue Guy. In this case, all of Minnesota is being tarred with the Bachmann brush. The same thing happens in the comments at Wonkette, with barely more than a mention of her name. People are laughing at us because of Bachmann.

The latest statement by Bachmann that has the national onlookers up in arms (and falling down with laughter) is her statement that we don't need to worry about the environment and global warming, because the planet's already been saved--by Jesus. Seriously. Talking Points Memo keeps track of other Bachmann doozies that have caught their attention, as does The Progressive Puppy.

Back in Minnesota, at Tangled Up in Blue Guy, Mike is wondering why, if we have to deal with Bachmann representing us to the world, nobody here has seen her lately. The Fruit Fly notes that ever more people are asking the same question. Blue man in a Red district is also wondering where Michele Bachmann is, in particular, why her campaign was at a parade without her.

I've been in the Cokato Corn Carnival parade as a candidate. One steadfast rule of the Cokato Corn Carnival parade is that the candidate must be with the parade group.

Bachmann was AWOL.

Theories as to Bachmann's absence were abundant...

Perhaps the rain would have made her melt?

Perhaps the Congresswoman doesn't quite have this "vacation" thing down yet?

Bachmann playing absentee from her district is not new, but these days, she has a better reason than ever to avoid showing her face in town. The FBI arrest of local businessman Tom Petters is everywhere in the news. Frank Vennes was the point person for transferring large amounts of money from local Christian groups and charities to Petters' fraudulent investment vehicle--at the same time he was donating to Michele Bachmann's campaign, and at the same time she was working to get him a presidential pardon. But why let me explain it when The Fruit Fly has an excellent summary of the situation?

Bachmann has, of course, rescinded the letter that she wrote asking for Vennes' pardon, but the Dump Michele Bachmann blog has a copy.

Mr. Vennes is a truly unique man in that he is not asking for a pardon that he may achieve personal success. By the grace of God, this has been done. Mr. Vennes is seeking a pardon so that he may be further used to help others.

There is still a great deal of question as to who was using whom, but we can be pretty sure it wasn't God using Vennes to help others. Dump Michele Bachmann has some information that casts doubt on the her claims that Vennes was helping anyone. Greg Laden has footage from the ongoing coverage. Anomalous Data examines the double standard in allowable associations for Republican congressional candidates and Democratic presidential candidates.

In a first for this carnival, Bachmann herself tries her hand at blogging, parroting the claims of the Tax Foundation that Minnesota is among the top 10 states in being unwelcoming to business. Do be forgiving, at least about the formatting. She's new at this. (Actually, she's not, but considering that back in April, she was trying to put the brakes on a mortgage rescue proposal, she'd probably prefer that we forget that.)

Or if you're not in a forgiving mood after reading all this, Idiosyncracy presents another "top" 10 list for your consideration: the top 10 worst lawmakers in Congress.

Apparently the magazine said this of Bachmann, “One gets the impression that if, in the name of ‘traditional values,’ Bachmann could rescind the vote for women, she would. Her vacant, wild eyes recall a doomsday prophet, or one of Charlie Manson’s girls. Equal parts religious hack and party hack, she’s got spunk and not much else.”

Actually, Bachmann does have one more thing. I took a look at her voting record and discovered that she has the ability to say, "No." Of course, she says it consistently, no matter what legislation is involved and how many, even of her own party, think it's a good thing.

The good news is that we do have an alternative. A donation of time or money to El Tinklenberg, Bachmann's opponent, can help get Minnesota off that list. A donation now can be particularly effective, considering that the national Republican groups are starting to scale back their advertising purchases in Minnesota. If they're not backing Bachmann the way they did in 2006, it's because they know just how vulnerable someone this out of touch with reality and with the voters really is.

You can also help with the carnival. Volunteer to host an edition or submit Bachmann news. And check back in a week for the next edition. See what Bachmann has been up to...and where she's been.


Anonymous said...

Excellent job!

Stephanie Zvan said...

Thanks, Greg. The only real challenge in putting one of these together, though, is knowing where to stop. There's so much material out there!

Anonymous said...

Just a shout-out to everybody who's askin' the same question: 'Where's Michele Bachmann been hangin'?!" and "What's up with Bachmann,Vennes and that Petters dude?!?!"

Peas, Love and Happiness

Fruit F. Fly

Stephanie Zvan said...

And to you, Fruit Fly, for continuing to hold her feet to the fire.

Minnesota Central said...

I can’t tell you where Bachmann was, but I can tell you where she was not … how about joining members of the Financial Services Committee for a hearing on the credit crisis. Heck, what impact could $55 trillion in credit default swaps have on the economy ?