October 03, 2008

Palin Loses Facebook

I've heard a number of people complaining about the new Facebook, but after last night, I'm perfectly happy with it. Status updates are always fun, but last night, they told me who would be watching the debate with me.

I turned off the analysts almost immediately afterward, because they were waffling. "Oh, did Palin suck little enough that people still liked her? We'll have to wait and see." Blegh.

Nobody was waffling on Facebook. We had Biden love, to Ifils hating, to grudging recognition of Palin's improvement, to frustration over her inability to answer questions as asked, to fear of her inappropriate toothiness (okay, that was me).

Then the fun started. The new Facebook allows people to comment on, oh, everything. So the next couple of hours were a wandering set of discussions across about half a dozen profiles. Snark and cattiness abounded. It was beautiful.

But that wasn't the best part. I have conservative Christian types in my friend list too, people I knew in high school, so I got to see what their reactions to the debate were.

They weren't.

None of these folks had anything to say about the debate. The women who were all gung-ho in early September about how they adored Alaska's governor were doing very good cricket impressions last night. I don't know that any of them have changed their intended votes, but the enthusiasm has evaporated. Poof.

I couldn't ask for more. Well, except this.

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