October 06, 2008

McCain Palled Around With Keating

And when I say, "palled around with," I don't mean they served on a board together or one of them reviewed the other's book or they lived in the same neighborhood. I mean that McCain vacationed at Keating's place in the Bahamas. I mean that Keating and Cindy McCain were in business together. I mean that McCain intervened to get regulators off Keating's back while Keating was busy defrauding his company.

That's what palling around is. That's what made McCain part of the Keating Five and responsible for the Savings and Loan Crisis twenty years ago.

Now, twenty years is a long time, longer than many first-time voters are old, but it's not long enough ago to forget about if McCain wants us to trust him to be president. To remind us, the Obama campaign has put together a video. Here's a preview, or you can just view the whole thing.

Don't want to watch? At least read.

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